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Course Type
10 weeks


The Foundational Apologetics course encourages and equips Christians to have natural conversations about their faith and to respond to the tough questions of our day.

Live contact time Thursdays 6:30-9pm (BST)


This engaging and stimulating 10-week course is delivered online but retains the journeying-in-community element that has been central to OCCA over the last 20 years. Students will have access to filmed lectures and will gather online for weekly live, interactive seminars with their lecturers.

The course is part-time and can be accessed from anywhere in the UK and beyond. You don’t need any prior theological training to participate – the material is designed to be accessible and relevant for anyone who is looking to engage thoughtfully and meaningfully with questions about faith and today’s culture.

Topics include: Critical Thinking, The Existence of God, Science & Religion, Worldviews and Human Value.

Each session also focuses on a tough question, such as ‘Why isn’t God more obvious?’‘If Christianity is good, why has it caused so much harm?’, ‘Do science and faith mix? and ‘How can anyone believe in a dead man rising?’ among many others.


Tuition for the course is £380 and can be paid online when signing up. If it is helpful for you, there is also an option to pay in three monthly instalments.

Group Discounts

Get 10% off when you sign up as a group! That’s £38 off the course fee, which means you only pay £342 per person. We’d love you to take part along with your church team, small group, family, or friends. Email us to get your special discount code:


Limited bursaries may be available. Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a bursary.

What can I expect?

In advance of the live sessions, students will need to watch a pre-recorded lecture on topics such as: Critical Thinking, The Existence of God, Science & Religion, Worldviews and Human Value. This material is designed to introduce concepts and provoke thought, in preparation for the online discussion time.
Live seminar evenings will begin with an encouraging bible devotional and time of prayer, followed by an interactive Foundational Apologetics discussion, during which the lecturer will invite students to engage with and respond to the topics and questions that were raised in the pre-recorded video.
Live meetings will be highly interactive, giving students the opportunity to ask questions, discuss thoughts and share ideas together. Students will learn as part of an online community and will be encouraged to have further discussions with each other outside of class. Students will also complete practical assignments as a means of consolidating and applying the skills learned.

In the second part of the evening, the group will watch a pre-recorded talk on a Frequently Asked Question, such as: How can we have meaningful conversations about faith? Do science and faith mix? Why would a good God allow suffering? How can anyone believe in a dead man rising? The discussion time afterwards will explore the topic further and provide practical advice for tackling objections and questions that may arise.

The 10 week course will consist of:

  • 16 pre-recorded lectures which form the basis for seminar discussions.
  • 20 hours of contact time with lecturers, spread across 8 weekly seminars (with a break over half-term)
  • One assignment to put theory into practice (including a short written reflection on a conversation)

When you sign up to the course, please be aware that you’ll need to meet the following requirements to receive the certificate:

  • Attend at least 75% of the live contact time sessions (Thursday 6:30-9pm BST) and;
  • Complete all prerequisite activities including watching all pre-recorded videos and completing the two assignments.


What are the requirements of this course?

This course is open to anyone over 18, with no specific educational requirements. However, in order to complete the course please be aware that you need to attend at least 75% of live contact time sessions (Thursdays 6:30-9pm BST) and complete all pre-required material including watching pre-recorded lectures, and assignment.

If I can’t attend the evening sessions, can I still sign up?

Unfortunately the evening sessions are a required part of the course – you’re expected to attend 75% of them. If you can’t make these, keep an eye out for our other courses and events that will be coming soon!

What is the weekly time commitment?

The total time commitment per week is 3 hours: 30 minutes in preparation watching a pre-recorded lecture, and 2.5 hours live contact time.

What is the assignment?

The assignment is a conversational interview with a friend, with a short written reflection to upload.

Can I sign up as part of a group?

We do offer group discounts – contact us to find out more! We’d love for you to take part along with your household or church group. Every member of the group will still need to register individually, using a special link.

Is there an age limit to the course?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome! We have a whole mix of backgrounds so please don’t think this course isn’t for you – if you have any specific queries about whether this course is right for you, please do contact us.

If I don’t get a place on this course, will there be another chance to do it?

Yes there will! In addition to this Summer 2024 course which starts in April 2024, we will run the Foundational Apologetics course again in September 2024 (Autumn term) and in the new year (2025).

Is this the only course you run?

It isn’t! Check our other courses and events, including our free Confident Faith series for small groups, the One Year Hybrid course, and our summer events in Oxford.

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