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Sara Stevenson

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“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105

Sara is passionate about exploring the big questions of life raised by the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. She is particularly concerned with how the ideas of philosophers and global thinkers can be made accessible to different kinds of learners, including A-Level and GCSE students.

Sara has an Education Degree in Religious Studies from Queens University, Belfast. She also has an MSc Degree in Philosophy of Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh and has a certificate in apologetics from OCCA. Sara previously served as the Head of Department in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics in Wallace High School, Northern Ireland.

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So you want to Live Forever? Optimistic Nihilism

In this episode of the series, ‘So You Want to Live Forever?’, join Ben Thomas and Sara Stevenson as they explore a view called ‘optimistic nihilism,’ which argues that, although an afterlife does not exist, our mortality could liberate us to find meaning in other ways. Together, they consider whether reconciling the universe’s lack of meaning with a personal search for significance presents a challenge.

What About Other Religions?

Is Christianity exclusive, or is there room for other religions in a Christian view of God? Sara Stevenson explores concepts such as pluralism, exclusivity and the unique role of Jesus as she questions whether Christianity offers an exclusive path to truth.

What’s the Difference Between Islam & Christianity?

In a world rich with diverse cultures and ideologies, Sara Stevenson explores the stark differences between two major religions: Islam and Christianity, and how their foundational beliefs and intricate rituals point to a very different picture of who Jesus is.

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