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Clare Williams

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“The image of God, also known as the imago Dei, is not a supplementary gift or addendum, nor is it accidental.  The imago Dei is irrevocable.” – Ekemini Uwan

Clare Williams is an Associate Speaker and Tutor at the OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Her work focuses upon questions of race, justice, culture, and what the Christian message has to offer these big concepts. 

Prior to her work in apologetics, she was an English teacher in London secondary schools for ten years. Clare has a degree in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, and a Masters in Leadership (2012) and Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity (2021) from the University of London.


Hasn’t the Church Done More Harm than Good?

The charge that the church has done more harm than good is a moral objection. Even when Christians do good works, is it enough to redeem the church's reputation and chequered past? Clare Williams explores this difficult question and how Christians can respond sensitively.

Why Trust the Bible?

Issues of patriarchy, power and historical accuracy are just some of the objections to the Bible’s trustworthiness. Making the case for the Bible’s textual integrity by analysing the evidence, Clare Williams shares how its story is ultimately about one central figure – Jesus who came to save.

5 min read
Can we overcome prejudice with progress?

Do our very yearnings to see the world become a better place, actually point us to someone, not merely something, better?

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