Future plans for the UK ministry


30 April 2021

I would like to provide an update on the UK ministry, what has happened since the Miller & Martin Investigation report was released in February, as well as our hopes and plans for the future.

The revelations of the report were deeply disturbing and, as you are aware, the UK Board followed this with their own announcement. We reduced our activity and online presence because we wanted to spend time prayerfully reviewing the ministry and taking advice from partners, councillors and facilitators. We are grateful for their input and encouragement to continue in ministry, as well as their help in identifying where we needed to change. We are now in the process of implementing those recommendations, whilst building on our past strengths.

As we reduce in size and work to a significantly smaller budget, we have had to say farewell to several of our amazing staff and unfortunately more will be leaving later in the year. We are grateful to the RZIM Global Board for providing the resources necessary to support these staff as they leave the ministry.

It has been a difficult time, but we remain passionate in our desire to commend the credibility of the Gospel and convinced of its relevance today. We are working with our advisory committees to define the future focus of the ministry, and to choose a new name which I hope to share with you very soon. We are very aware that Godly character and conduct must be reflected in every aspect of our organisation, so we are also putting in place pastoral oversight to develop this and to hold us accountable.

Throughout the review and restructure process, we have continued to fulfil our legacy speaking engagements and to run the OCCA One Year Programme. The students, who graduate in June, have been amazing and very positive, despite most of the course being run online and the limited opportunity for in person meetings.

We are now working on future evangelism initiatives, including an innovative new project focused on youth apologetics. We intend to increase our evangelism activity as we move into the summer, with exciting plans to make greater use of our new media studio that was funded last year and has just been commissioned. Once the current OCCA course has completed we will also review our course offering and curriculum. We will refresh these initiatives and further develop their relevancy and effectiveness, so that they better equip and support the ministries of our partners, as well as individuals wanting to have a greater evangelistic impact in their spheres of influence.

Finally, I am mindful that it is by God’s grace that each of us stand before him. We are listening and learning so that we can refine not only what we provide as a ministry, but the way in which we walk humbly before our Heavenly Father. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us. As we look to the future, we are filled with expectation and hope for what the Lord has for the ministry.

Richard Giles
Chief Executive Officer



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