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Ben Thomas

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“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 31:24

Ben qualified as a doctor in 2003, and worked full-time in the medical field outside of the one year he took to pursue training in Theology and Apologetics at the University of Oxford and OCCA. In 2016, he became a consultant in Neurosciences Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia unit, but now works as a consultant part-time alongside his role as a speaker at the OCCA.

Ben has interests in the intersection of faith and sexuality, gender, medical ethics, and psychology. He has spoken numerous times to the younger generations and adults in churches, conferences, and mission events across the UK and Australia. In his attempts to work out what it looks like to follow Jesus well, he is also a keen runner (Forrest Gump style!), musician, chef, and loves spending time with his family, friends, and Godchildren.

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So you want to Live Forever? Optimistic Nihilism

In this episode of the series, ‘So You Want to Live Forever?’, join Ben Thomas and Sara Stevenson as they explore a view called ‘optimistic nihilism,’ which argues that, although an afterlife does not exist, our mortality could liberate us to find meaning in other ways. Together, they consider whether reconciling the universe’s lack of meaning with a personal search for significance presents a challenge.

So you want to Live Forever? Transhumanism

In the this episode of the series ‘So You Want to Live Forever?’ join Ben Thomas and John Lennox as they explore transhumanism’s mission to extend human life, and ultimately prevent death, through scientific and technological development. Together, they consider this ambitious goal and its potential impact on our lives today.

So you want to Live Forever? Be Remembered

In our second episode of the series, ‘So You Want to Live Forever?’, join Ben Thomas, a seasoned medical doctor, and Charlie Styles, a vicar, as they investigate humanity’s quest for immortality. Both have been confronted by death and grief in their professional work, yet have noticed a curious, unwavering desire for humanity to leave a legacy and be remembered… What is this desire and where does it come from?

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