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Simon Edwards

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Simon Edwards is a speaker and writer at the OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. His work focusses on addressing the deep questions of our culture and pointing to meaningful answers that found in the Christian faith. Simon originally hails from Australia, where he worked as a lawyer, before moving to the UK to study apologetics at OCCA and Theology at Oxford University.

He is the author of The Sanity of Belief: Why Faith Makes Sense (2021) and speaks widely about the evidence for Christian faith. Simon has spoken in various contexts around the world around the world (i.e., Oxford, Cambridge, Hong Kong, Oslo, and Queensland).  including churches, businesses, government institutions, conferences, and university campuses. In the UK, he has been interviewed for several BBC Radio programs, as well as Christian radio stations and podcasts, including Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio and Facing the Canon with J John.

Simon lives in Buckinghamshire, England, with his wife, Natasha, and their three young children.


How Can Anyone Believe in a Dead Man Rising?

Is the resurrection of Jesus merely wishful thinking? Simon Edwards questions the evidence for an event that stands as a lynchpin to Christianity and explores whether any alternative explanations can withstand scrutiny. Is the resurrection of Jesus a matter of faith or fact?

How Can I Be Happier? Part 2

We all want to be happy. Studies show that there is a direct link between happiness and a feeling of meaning or purpose. In part two of this talk, Simon Edwards explores how according to the Bible, the secret to happiness, meaning and purpose is scandalously simple.

How Can I Be Happier? Part 1

In our relentless pursuit of happiness, are we missing the vital ingredient that brings lasting contentment? In part one of this talk, Simon Edwards explores why achieving ‘everything’ may not be the answer to our life-long search.

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