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Conference Schedule

The Confident Faith Conference will be a day for you to engage with significant and difficult topics from a Christian perspective. Our hope is that you will come away from the conference being encourage and challenged to think more deeply about your faith, and to have more boldness to share the hope you have in Jesus Christ with others.

The day kicks off at 9:30am with refreshments followed by a time of worship and a message from Clare Williams, and finishes at 5:45pm with a message from Alanzo Paul.

You’ll be getting filled up on a day of 25 minute talks to encourage, challenge and help you, followed by an afternoon of breakout sessions where you can choose the areas where you want to go deeper.

You will be given a full schedule closer to the date, but for now take a look at the incredibly rich day of learning we have planned for you!

Here is a list of Main Talks & Breakout Sessions

Talks & Breakout Sessions

  • How to navigate a world of economic unrest – Max Jeganathan
  • How to live through an environmental apocalypse – Sam Allberry
  • Can we live with AI? – John Lennox
  • Why do we get things so wrong? – Emma Ineson
  • Jesus is amazing – Peter J Williams
  • When the church gets it wrong
  • Did God make the world in 7 days?
  • Can I trust the Old Testament?
  • Why does Christianity give queer people such a tough time?
  • How do I know the Gospel is true?
  • How can I share the truth in a world of migration and multiculturalism?
  • Is Christianity a white man’s religion?
  • Where is the Prince of Peace in a world of conflict?
  • How can we connect with people through culture and creativity?
  • How can you say Jesus is the only way?
  • Why trust the Bible?


The cost for attendance is £60, but early-bird tickets at £45 are available until April 30th.

Your ticket includes an entire day full of apologetics training, talks, breakout sessions and lunch.


University Examination Schools | 75 – 81 High St, Oxford OX1 4BG


Confident Faith Conference Speakers

Along with the speakers mentioned below, others who will be speaking at this conference are: Emma Ineson and Peter J Williams. 
Their bio will be posted in the next couple weeks so you can learn more about the wonderful team who will be teaching at the conference.

Photo of Alanzo Paul
Alanzo Paul
Alanzo's work focuses on addressing metaphysical and existential questions. He has a degree in Theology from the University of Oxford, and a Masters in Theological Studies from the University of Toronto.
Photo of Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas
Ben qualified as a Doctor in 2003, working full-time in the hospital setting with the exception of one year where he pursued training in Theology and Apologetics at the OCCA and the University of Oxford. In 2016, he obtained a Consultant post in Neurosciences Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia, but now works part-time alongside his role at the OCCA. Ben has particular interests in the intersection of Christian faith and sexuality, gender, medical ethics and psychology. He has spoken numerous times to young people and adults in churches, conferences and mission events across the UK & in Australia. In his attempts to work out what it looks like to follow Jesus well, he is also a keen runner (Forrest Gump style!), musician and cook and loves spending time with family, friends and God-children.
Photo of Charlie Styles
Charlie Styles
Charlie is the executive director of OCCA. He loves teaching the Bible and is never happier than when helping people grasp life-changing spiritual truth for the first time.
Photo of Clare Williams
Clare Williams
Clare's work focuses on questions of race, justice and culture, and what the Christian message has to offer these contested issues. She studied English Language and Literature at Oxford University, and has Masters degrees in Leadership, Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity.
Photo of John Lennox
John Lennox
John is Chaplain and Speaker at OCCA. He is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University (emeritus) and speaks on the interface of science, philosophy and religion.
Photo of Lara Buchanan
Lara Buchanan
Lara has a specific interest in studying the impact of Jesus’ life and teachings on the flourishing of individuals as well as communities. She holds qualifications in History, English Literature, Education, Apologetics and Theology.
Photo of Max Baker-Hytch
Max Baker-Hytch
Max is Academic Consultant & Tutor at OCCA. His research focuses on the philosophical arguments for theism, the rationality of belief in God, divine hiddenness, and the historical credibility of the New Testament. Max has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oxford.
Photo of Max Jeganathan
Max Jeganathan
Priyan (Max) is an international speaker and writer for OCCA and Thinking Faith. He is passionate about helping people make sense of current issues and life’s big questions through the lens of the Christian message. A former lawyer and political & policy adviser in the Australian National Parliament, Max has spoken around the world in banks, businesses and universities, including Facebook, Google, Nike and Goldman Sachs. He is based in Sydney, Australia and is currently undertaking a PhD on the ethics of human dignity.
Photo of Sam Allberry
Sam Allberry
Sam is a senior fellow at OCCA and a pastor, apologist, author and speaker. He writes extensively on issues relating to identity, sexuality, and faith.
Photo of Sara Stevenson
Sara Stevenson
Sara is passionate about exploring questions raised by Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. She has an MSc in Philosophy of Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh, and an Education Degree in Religious Studies.
Photo of Tom Price
Tom Price
Tom is passionate about philosophy and theology. He has an MA in Christian Apologetics, and is currently working on his doctorate in Theology, Philosophy and Film.
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