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Join us at Confident Faith 2024 on Saturday 13th July

We were very excited to recently hold our first Reboot Roundtable of 2024 – a series of free online events to equip youth leaders, parents and volunteers with insights and tools needed to confidently address the big questions about life, faith and God that today’s youth are asking.

It was so wonderful to have Dr Lydia McGrew with us for our first Reboot Roundtable of 2024. Dr McGrew is a distinguished analytic philosopher and author with a PhD from Vanderbilt University. Her extensive publications in the theory of knowledge, especially in evaluating testimony and philosophy of religion, make her a compelling voice on the reliability of the Gospels and Acts. In the lead up to Easter, this event focused on the resurrection, aiming to support attendees with questions their youth may raise during the Easter season. The interactive event was hosted by Clare Williams and consisted of a 20-minute teaching by Dr McGrew followed by a 40-minute live Question and Response time.

“The fact that you can think up other evidence that you could have, is no criticism of the evidence that you do have.”

Dr Lydia McGrew, Reboot Roundtable, March 2024.

We were overwhelmed with the interest in this event which saw over 200 registered participants! Attendees joined from a variety of locations including but not limited to Scotland, Ireland, France, the United States and England. The questions were incredibly thoughtful and clearly demonstrated an audience engaged and grappling with this topic. After the event, we received several emails from youth leaders with positive feedback, as well as a number of requests for further resources. We were grateful for the incredible response from this community wanting more training, and the good news is there is more to come!

Our next Reboot Roundtable will be online on June 7th 2024 with our very own Clare Williams discussing the topic: Seeking Justice, Finding Jesus: The Gospel’s Response to Youth’s Highest Value. These events are absolutely FREE and are aimed at any leaders, parents or volunteers eager to be equipped to better understand and respond to questions young people face. If you would like to secure your place for this event, please register here! We would love to see you there.



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