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I recently had the honour of returning to Eton College for an evening event to discuss “The Problem of Evil,” a topic of profound significance and complexity. This engagement followed a previous presentation on “God of War or God of Justice?: An Exploration of the Book of Joshua,” where we explored deeply challenging ethical and theological questions.

The event was marked by several meaningful aspects.

Firstly, the collaboration with Eton’s dedicated teachers and chaplains, all fervently committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provided an encouraging backdrop for the evening. Their zeal for imparting the Gospel’s truths creates an enriching environment for both speakers and students alike.

Secondly, the opportunity to engage with the students on the perennially relevant issue of The Problem of Evil was particularly rewarding. This topic, which examines the coexistence of God and evil and its implications for God’s existence, serves as a powerful primer for the Gospel. My presentation aimed to address the intellectual challenges posed by this dilemma while also highlighting the Gospel’s profound response through the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This approach allowed for a pastoral connection, sharing how Christ’s teachings have personally guided me through life’s darkest moments. The ensuing Q&A session was exceptional, featuring insightful objections from some of Eton’s brightest minds, leading to extended, meaningful conversations well into the night.

Finally, the most heartening aspect of the evening was witnessing the students’ passion for evangelism. One student, in particular, demonstrated remarkable initiative by inviting numerous friends to the event, actively seeking to share the Gospel. This enthusiasm for the Great Commission—pupils driven by their own love for Christ —is the most inspiring outcome of such engagements.

This event at Eton College not only allowed for a deep dive into one of Christianity’s most challenging discussions but also illustrated the vibrant faith and evangelistic drive of the next generation. It was an evening of intellectual rigor, pastoral care, and witnessing the active spread of the Gospel by the students themselves—a truly enriching experience.

Alanzo’s empathy with those who are suffering or have suffered was evident throughout and it was clear this isn’t just an academic question for him – his own testimony at the start and during the talk with what he shared so movingly about his brother gave even greater credibility to what he was saying.

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