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Join us at Confident Faith 2024 on Saturday 13th July

As we pause to reflect on the past year, we’re filled with gratitude for all that has been achieved.

This year, we embarked on a new journey with our Training Pathway, aiming to equip individuals to navigate faith and reason more deeply. The revitalization of REBOOT, our youth initiative, has been a source of joy, connecting us with many young hearts seeking guidance in today’s complex world.

Throughout our interactions, whether in person or across digital spaces, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of the gospel touching lives in beautiful ways. In a world filled with uncertainties, the message of Jesus continues to offer hope and meaning.

Across various settings, we’ve shared the hope of the gospel, witnessing lives touched by its message. In a world seeking answers, the message of Jesus offers profound hope and meaning.

Guiding OCCA through this journey has been a privilege. Thank you for your support. Let’s keep exploring life’s big questions and showcasing the beauty of the Christian faith together.

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