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We are delighted to announce an exciting new project at the intersection of culture and Christianity.  Previously a project based in Singapore, Thinking Faith is now part of the OCCA family.  We are delighted that Abi Woodcock and Max Jeganathan are joining the team to spearhead this project for us.

Thinking Faith is a multi-media online platform with multiple contributors around the world, speaking into culture through the lens of the Christian message.  It began and continues on social media but is growing as a wider platform for cultural engagement.

By adopting a news-driven editorial agenda focused on engaging with current issues and trends from a faith-perspective, Thinking Faith seeks to speak into the daily news cycle through the lens of the Christian worldview, helping people to make sense of the contemporary milieu by providing unique and explanatory insights tailored to non-Christians, from a faith-centred perspective.

Thinking Faith thus operates at the intersection of the Christian message and the current big issues in politics, society, economics, technology, and culture.  The uniqueness of this approach is best illustrated by this graphic:

The foundational premise of Thinking Faith is built upon the recognition that we live in a post-truth culture, in which social media obscures more than it reveals.  Thus, by applying aspects of the Christian message to current issues, we address the need for a responsive, meaningful, respectful and accessible perspective with a view to helping people of all faiths and none to make sense of the world around us.

Take a look at the new website here.

Visit Thinking Faith on Insta.

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