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Sharon Dirckx

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Dr. Sharon Dirckx is a speaker, author, and an Associate Lecturer at the OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Her interests include questions of meaning, purpose, and identity, and how they relate to Christian belief.

Over the last 10 years, Sharon has been invited to speak internationally in a variety of contexts such as schools, universities, medical colleges, churches, workplaces, and conferences.

Her first book, Why?: Looking at God, Evil and Personal Suffering (2014) interweaves the stories of people who have suffered and our practical questions about suffering. Sharon’s latest book, Am I Just My Brain? (2019), examines human identity from the perspectives of neuroscience, philosophy, and theology. She is also a contributor to best-selling author, Lee Strobel’s latest book, The Case for Heaven (2021).

Sharon holds a Ph.D. in brain imaging from the University of Cambridge and held research positions at the University of Oxford and the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Broken Planet Book Interview on Natural Disasters & Disease

In this interview on Sharon's book "Broken Planet - If There's a God, Then Why are There Natural Disasters?" Charlie Styles digs deeper to find out Sharon's motivation behind writing this book, and listens to the stories of people who have experienced suffering from natural disasters. Grab a cup of tea and listen in on this deeply meaningful and moving conversation.

If God Exists, Why Are There Natural Disasters and Diseases?

Based on her recently published book, Broken Planet, Sharon Dirckx explores how God could exist in a world rife with natural disasters, environmental crises, and diseases. Through scientific, philosophical, and theological perspectives, she offers insight, compassion, and hope, unraveling the complexities of suffering in our world.

Am I Just My Brain?

Brain scientist Sharon Dirckx lays out the current understanding of who we are from biologists, philosophers, theologians and psychologists, and points towards a bigger picture, that suggests answers to the fundamental questions of our existence. Not just ""What am I?"", but ""Who am I?""-and ""Why am I?""

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