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Rahil Patel

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Prior to his work as a Christian, Rahil was a Hindu monk for 20 years with one of the world’s most influential Hindu traditions. Within the tradition, he oversaw teaching and the expansion of Hindu temples throughout Europe and Russia before he had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ.

Rahil’s biography, Found by Love, is published in 5 different languages.

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So you want to Live Forever? Reincarnation

In the this episode of the series ‘So You Want to Live Forever?’ join Ben Thomas and Rahil Patel as they consider the possibilities of returning to life in other forms. What is the offer of reincarnation? What kind of hope might it give us?

Gandhi and Christianity Series: How Gandhi Used Jesus’ Teachings in His Political Activism

The final session on Gandhi and Christianity explores how Mahatma Gandhi incorporated Christian teachings into his political ideologies emphasising non-violence and social justice.

Gandhi and Christianity Series: How Gandhi Saw Certain Passages in the Bible

In this second session on Gandhi and Christianity, Jacob Cheriyan and OCCA speaker Rahil Patel explore how Gandhi interpreted and applied teachings from the Bible as political tools in India's independence movement.

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