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Our Team

Khadija Paul


“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” – Matthew 16:15

Khadija is part of the Communications Team and oversees OCCA’s marketing activities. She loves producing meaningful content in the digital space that responds to people’s meaningful and challenging questions about life, faith, and the person of Jesus Christ.

Khadija was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She was raised in a mixed faith home but became a Christian at the age of 5 when she heard about Jesus from her cousin (who was also 5 years old) and has continued to follow him since.

Currently, Khadija is working toward her MBA in Psychology. Beyond her professional life, she likes to teach her friends how to play Mahjong and explore all the museums around Oxford with her husband, Alanzo.


Can You Debate About Faith and Be Friends?

Darrell Bock and John Lennox explore how to engage in public conversations about Christianity with respect and understanding. They discuss the importance of relational dynamics, avoiding confrontational debates, acknowledging diverse worldviews, and valuing individuals as created in God's image.

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