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Pilot Course

Reboot Academy

Reboot is all about offering a space for young people to ask difficult questions about God, faith, life, meaning, purpose, and many other topics. We’re passionate about engaging those heartfelt questions, so we’ve made a new course.

Over six sessions, Reboot Academy helps young people explore together the reasons behind Christian belief, looking at topics like worldviews and questions like can we trust the Bible?, can we trust the God of the Bible?, is it crazy to be a Christian? and more…

Our hope is that at the end of this course, your group will have a chance to explore together and young people will be more confident in their faith and being able to share with others. Questions matter and heartfelt questions deserve thoughtful answers.

So whether you’re just starting to explore these questions together or you’ve been for a while, we’d love for you to join us in piloting this brand-new, free course. We’re grateful for feedback and want to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the material and address new topics.

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At Reboot, youth are safe to raise their questions about God and life, and can expect kind and credible responses.

- Clare Williams & Alanzo Paul

Reboot Academy Pilot Course

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This pilot course is available completely free of charge. We hope that it is a blessing for your youth group. We love making courses like this and this year we’ll be listening to your feedback and filming and releasing additional sessions. If you’d like to partner with us so we can make more series, you can find out ways to support us. You can also get in touch to suggest new questions, topics, or improvements that we can build in the future.

We’ll be in touch soon with a link where you’ll be able to download the course lessons (or the entire course pack) as PowerPoint files that you can easily put on a screen with your church or youth group. Each of the sessions includes videos from YouTube that play right within the PowerPoint slides.

Yes! We love hearing feedback and learning about how we can improve this course and make it more helpful for young people in the future. We’re currently filming additional topics and we would be grateful for your input. Please email us with any suggestions.

Absolutely. Please feel free to share the signup link with anyone you think would be interested in helping to pilot the course. Once they’ve connected with us and let us know about their group, we can be in touch with them to share the resources. The shareable link is:

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