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If you have booked Andy to speak at your event, you may want to include some of the following information for your publicity.

Brief Introductions

Andy Moore is experienced in both the worlds of banking and evangelism. He seeks to use Christian morality in the business sphere to influence social and environmental change.

50-word Version

Andy started his career in the world of banking, but with time, has integrated his Christian faith and evangelistic experience into the business arena. He leads a distinguished team to source impactful investment opportunities, which focus on early-stage UK businesses, and create social and environmental change.

100-word Version

Andy Moore functions as an Associate Speaker at OCCA and the Managing Director of Chorus Network. In the business sector, Andy leads a team of seasoned professionals to generate environmental and social change through sourcing impactful investments. Currently, his group focusses on early-stage businesses in the UK. His expertise has earned him invitations to speak at global giants such as Facebook, UBS, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, and Barclays.

On top of his financial work, Andy has a strong background in the world of theology and philosophy. He holds degrees from Oxford and Birmingham in Theology and Philosophy respectively, and a certificate in Christian Apologetics from OCCA.

Full Version

Andy Moore is the Managing Director of Chorus Network and has been an Associate speaker at OCCA since 2016. His work focusses on integrating Christ and the Christian worldview into the workplace.

Andy seeks to use his own platform as director of the Chorus Network to usher in Christian morality and source impactful investments. His team consists of seasoned Investment Bankers, Family Office Managers, and Private-Equity Advisors. Together, they focus on early-stage businesses in the UK, while also retaining competitive returns and addressing pressing social and environmental issues.

While Andy is a chartered accountant in England and Wales, he also has a strong background in Theology and Philosophy. He holds certificates in Christian Apologetics from the OCCA, a theological and pastoral studies degree from Oxford University, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham.

Beyond his professional career, Andy is a keen sportsman, showcasing his commitment to teamwork and excellence through playing Rugby to the representative level in Ireland.


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