The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics is unique. It bridges the gap between the ever-evolving questions of our culture and the unchanging answers provided in the Gospel

“The training offered by the OCCA is designed for men and women serious about integrating their commitments to Christ with their professional lives. Drawing people from the business world, academia and the arts, the OCCA fosters an engaging and effective style of evangelism, undergirded by a framework of sound apologetics.”

“The OCCA team is composed of some of the leading Christian thinkers of our time, including Alister McGrath, John Lennox, and Michael Ramsden. Students carry out their academic pursuits with other thoughtful, dedicated Christians who are eager to carry the message of the Gospel in a persuasive, articulate and intelligent manner. And all of this takes place in the beautiful and historic surroundings of Oxford.”

I am grateful to God for an institution such as the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

I believe that participating in one of the OCCA programmes is one of the best possible means of equipping Christians to provide the reason for their hope, in order that they may better extend that hope to the world.

Ravi Zacharias
Founder and President of RZIM