Why am I here? (REBOOT Digital)


At Reboot, youth are safe to raise their questions about God and life, and can expect kind and credible responses.

REBOOT Digital: FEB. 3rd, 2023

Reboot Digital is a nationwide free youth apologetics event. Joining us this year is Professor John Lennox (Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University). During our time we’ll be covering the topic “Why am I here?”, exploring questions of meaning and purpose. To top off the evening, we’ll be doing a live Q&R responding to difficult and meaningful questions about God.

Send us your youth group’s questions

During our time of Question and Response (Q&R) with John Lennox, we want to directly answer your youth group’s burning questions about God and life #NoQuestionOffLimits. We will do our best to get through as many questions as we can! Send your questions to alanzo.paul@theocca.org by January 31.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

During the Reboot Digital event, take pictures of your youth group doing something creative for a chance to win our grand prize! To enter, post your picture(s) on social media with the following hashtag: #rebootglobal. The most fun and creative picture will win the youth group a £100 gift card to cheeky Nandos! Let the games begin!!

ZOOM URL:This URL will be sent out a few weeks prior to the event. Please make sure to register your youth group in order to receive that URL.


  • Welcome @ 7:30 pm GMT
  • “Why Am I Here?” by Alanzo Julian Paul
  • The Story of a Medical Student’s passion for Jesus
  • “Why Am I Here?” John Lennox Interview by Clare Williams
  • A Special Announcement
  • Q & R with John Lennox, Clare Williams, and Alanzo Julian Paul
  • Close @ 8:30 pm GMT

We look forward to digitally gathering together at Reboot Digital! #NoQuestionOffLimits