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Songs of Praise this Sunday

For the start of Lent, Songs of Praise came to Oxford to interview Dr Sharon Dirckx, tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, on the subject of temptation. The programme will be broadcast at 4:30pm on Sunday 19th February.

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Alister McGrath on dark matter and the particle of faith

What are the similarities between the explanatory power of Christianity and that provided in the scientific field by either dark matter or the Higgs Boson particle?

In articles for ABC, Australia and The Telegraph respectively, Alister McGrath examines why scientists think these exist and why this approach is not so dissimilar from that of religious faith.



The Magic of Reality and the Problem with Religion

In The Magic of Reality, Richard Dawkins compares the wonderful explanations provided by science with the simplistic myths propagated by religions. In a Christmas article produced for The Washington Post, John Lennox argues that, contrary to what the wizard says, the mighty wand of science has not waved away the miraculous behind this magical Christian festival:

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